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Home Use Ro System (50GPD)

Feature Of  Reverse Osmosis System
•Ro is used to remove dissolved organic solids from a solution (mostly water). 
This process is achieved as water is pressure -pushed from external water supply through a semi permeable membrane. The membrane does not give space for any other substance apart from water.The dirt and debris are trapped inside the membrane as clean and pure water comes out from the membrane. These contaminants and impurities are then flushed down the drain. This is the basic idea behind the funtionalities of a reverse osmosis system. 
  • Reverse Osmosis Stage 1
  • A cold water line valve is fitted to the water supply in your home and a tube directs the cold water to the reverse osmosis system. The first stage is a pre-filter that removes the solid materials like silt, rust, and dirt from the water. This first stage prevents the other RO filters from becoming clogged with larger debris.
  • Reverse Osmosis Stage 2&3
  • It’s during the second and third stages that the true reverse osmosis begins. The reverse osmosis membrane and carbon filters make up these stages. These filters remove chlorine from the water. By doing this in 2 stages, the system removes the chlorine more effectively. During these two stages, elements that may affect the color of the water are also removed. By this time, the water is clear and tastes just about pure.
  • Reverse Osmosis Stage 4
  • Apart from chlorine, there are many other chemicals that can affect our health and the taste of the water. These include fluoride, lead, and chromium. During the fourth stage of the reverse osmosis process, membranes remove these other elements from the water.
  • Reverse Osmosis Stage 5
  • The final stage of a 5 stage reverse osmosis filtration system is called post-filtration. As the water leaves the tank, on its way to the faucet, it passes through a filtration membrane that collects any particles that may have accumulated inside the tank.

50 GPD RO System

50 GPD RO system with stand

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